We have successfully been involved with the major Financial Institutions in South Africa for the past 40 years. These institutions have entrusted Stupel & Berman Inc. with their legal work, comprising primarily of the following:

  • Civil and Commercial Defended actions
  • Liquidations and sequestrations
  • Collection of debts
  • Preparation of Agreements, Wills and Ante-Nuptial Contracts (ANC)
  • Registration of notarial and covering bonds to secure debt
  • Administration of Deceased Estates
Our general Banking Law expertise covers the entire credit management spectrum. Key directors at Stupel and Berman Inc. have an extensive background in the banking sector, and our company has been associated with the entire Credit Division of Standard Bank for over 40 years.
We have well-established relationships with various correspondent firms to cover most other jurisdictions and have a national footprint. We also provide a service to a family of Corporate and Individual clients within a broad spectrum of Civil and Commercial Litigation and Family Law.


Our conveyancing department offers a comprehensive set of turnkey services to ensure optimal process and time efficiencies. Our services include:
  • Property transfers and mortgage bond registrations, as well as bond cancellations
  • Notarial agreements, bonds to secure debts and servitudes
  • Lease agreements
  • Opening of sectional title registers
  • Share block schemes
  • Township developments
We also employ a group of Client Liaison Officers, who assist estate agents and their clients with a smooth, hassle-free transaction, as well as any potential problems arising from a sale transaction.
  • They further assist with the following: Collection of all necessary documentation
  • The signing of transfer and bond documents
  • Ensuring relevant communication to all parties throughout the process for information, as well as to affect all required actions


We have a Specialized Credit Management & Recoveries Division, which provides recovery services including Credit Card Recoveries, Personal and Business Loans, all types of Retail Banking accounts, as well as shortfalls on Assets sold and various other debt.

Evan heads up our Credit Management & Recoveries Division.

Michelle and Corrie are Senior Managers in our Specialized Recoveries Division, and their duties include the general management of staff and day to day office duties.

Ockie oversees the micromanagement of our Collections staff and general operational management and brings a wealth of experience to our Specialized Recoveries Division.